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blue green watercolour wash

What if...

...we were invited to imagine our future lives, homes and cities with excitement and hope? Not the small hope that sits meekly waiting for the hero to come bursting through the front door to solve all our problems, but the Active Hope that comes from a place of emotional resilience, empathy and imagination, its strength drawn from being rooted in an informed and connected community. 

"What lies ahead? Reimagining the world.   Only that".   Arundhati Roy.

"The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens."

Rainer Maria Rilke

Our collective imagination risks being hijacked by darkness, fear and helplessness. There is no denying it, we have already lost so much. Death, poverty, ill-health, oceans warming, acidifying & emptying, communities displaced, forests and soils eroding away. Wild animals and insects declining precipitously. Turning away is understandable. 

Misinformation and Individualisation tries to conspire against us, pulling us away from the future that is possible. A future where we all can thrive, both human and non-human, is possible. What would it do to our collective imagination if more of us could see the many hands already hard at work, building towards that thriving future, working from plans both new, ancient and evolving?

What if the plans for the thriving future became widely available? With accessible language, beautiful art and friendly faces to discuss and plot new plans with?

What if these hubs of information, inclusivity and imagination popped up in a park, or a high street corner, or place of worship?
  • Part information desk, part art installation, painting the picture of the resilient, post fossil-fuel future and the pathways there.
  • Local artists and communities invited to participate in the co-design of resources, facilitating community co-ownership and the amplification of a diversity of voices.
  • Printed onto robust canvas, the library of resources becomes a portable creative commons; replicable, flexible and scalable.
  • Hubs connect and create a network, sharing stories, knowledge and resources.
Ren ~ (neo-Confucian) The sense of love arising out of an embodied realization of one's intrinsic connectedness with all other beings in the universe. 

Jeremy Lent - The Patterning Instinct

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